There Can Be More Than One Cause of Low HDL

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If your good cholesterol levels are not as high as they should be, you will need to look for one or more cause of low HDL because it is important to do something to increase these levels that are believed to be healthy and good for your body. Low levels will increase the risk of contracting one or more different heart ailments and so whenever you see that these levels are low, you need to do something to ensure that they rise to a proper count.

By learning about the cause of low HDL, you can do something to increase its levels by making changes to your diet and to your lifestyle. Using certain medications can also help you achieve the desired results. High density lipoproteins or HDL helps in keeping the body in good health. This is because it grabs and then transports excessive cholesterol in the blood to the liver where the unwanted bad cholesterol will be disposed off. HDL is also beneficial as it prevents blood from clotting and it lowers the risk of inflamed blood vessels as well.

There can of course be more than one cause of low HDL. If you smoke cigarettes, then you are more at risk of experiencing a fall in the level of good high density lipoproteins. The same is the case with those who are overweight or who are not active enough and the problem also affect people that consume poor and unhealthy foods.

It would be wrong to believe that if your numbers are on the high side that this is enough to ensure your good health. What is required is making use of a proper strategy that helps in increasing the good high density lipoproteins while also decreasing levels of bad cholesterol. This is how you can prevent heart diseases.

The problem of low amounts of high density lipoproteins arises because of a variety of factors. These factors include those such as increased catabolism and decrease in synthesis as well as a change in the high density lipoproteins equilibrium between extra and intravascular spaces.

Other than these factors, the cause of low HDL can also be an uncontrolled diabetic condition, high amount of triglycerides, a persons genes and of course it can also be that you are eating too much of carbohydrates.

A level of less than 40 should start the alarm bells ringing in your mind and if you do notice that this is the case with you, and then you need to do something fast to improve the condition. The good news is that making lifestyle and/or diet changes can help in easily rectifying the problem.

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There Can Be More Than One Cause of Low HDL

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This article was published on 2010/10/17